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The shaman's strength

The shaman comes into contact with the superhuman world and makes a journey into the future and then descends into the underworld where he meets guiding spirits and fulfills his mission.

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These are us!

S comes from Strong. And from Support and Solutions. From Serious and Super!
No matter what you think the S is coming from, welcome to Saman!
From the Second we invented ourselves we wanted to create a Symbiosis between us, our work and those who are its recipients, Saman Software customers and partners. Between us and you! The first signs I say that we succeeded, but at Saman Sofware we do not rely on Signs, but on Science and technology of the next generation. And the result is… pure magic that goes beyond the screen and the keyboard that gets to and define you. We learn every day, we never say “no”, we pay attention to all the trends and tendencies of the software market and, from what we gain, we we do a permanent hardware update. We are here to listen, to understand, to find solutions and to grow, together! These are us, the band from Saman Software: people free, young people, people who believe in what they do and in those for who do everything – you!